7 easy ways to feel healthier this January

1. Set yourself a deadline

Have a very clear date for when you want to meet your goals. You should actually set different types of goals: ones you want to achieve in 2 weeks, 6 weeks, 12 weeks and one year from now. This will help you avoid drifting away from your programme .

2. Start the day with hot water and lemon

Lemon helps to balance out the more acidic forming foods such as meats, processed sugars and alcohol - the things most of us will have consumed quite a lot of over the Christmas period!

3. Eat veggies with every meal

Aim to eat something green with breakfast, lunch and dinner over the month of January. If you're feeling brave add them into your snacks too. They will give your body a boost and a much needed hit of nutrients to help you feel energised throughout this dark winter month. Spinach at breakfast, broccoli or salad at lunch and green beans with dinner make it easy to include.

4. Mix up your training styles

If you hate the gym or despise running, don’t do it! Find three or four workouts you like, such as going to the gym, playing a sport, trying a group training session or doing an endurance session. This will break up the pattern of training and keep your mind and body interested, engaged and improving.

5. Know that you can't out train a poor diet

Diet is key to recover from working out and regular exercisers should eat a well-balanced meal containing protein, carbohydrates and fat from whole food sources 1-2 hours after exercise, as well as re-hydrating with water. A good option is a chicken breast with mixed green vegetables, couscous and a small handful of nuts.

6. Ditch the alcohol

Cutting out all alcohol in January is a good tactic to start the year positively. It will help you reset after the Christmas period and give your body and liver a break. You'll be surprised how good you feel without it!

7. Be wary of fades and fast fixes

If you stick to a healthy diet full of real, whole foods and get back on track with your training, you will not need to go on a juice detox diet to lose weight or feel better. Try to avoid being tempted by quick results, which more often than not don't last and leave your body in a worse state than when you started.


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