Boxing Body Blitz

The boxing body blitz is a fun and educational way to learn boxing techniques whilst getting fit.

Shadow Boxing is great for getting the heart rate up and the body moving and the sweat pouring. Throughout these videos we are going to learn beginner, intermediate and advanced boxing techniques combined with basic, and dynamic movement patterns.

Each work out will combine three different boxing combinations with three different exercises. And then we will finish each workout with a traditional boxing abdominal blast.

At the beginning of each workout we will learn the punches and movements required for the combinations - watch these short sequences as many times as you like so you've got the techniques nailed before starting the workout. After the workout out we will finish with a five minute stretch.


Training Schedule

Beginner Video 1-3 weeks (3-7 times per week)
Intermediate video 4-6 weeks (3-7 times per week)
Advanced video 7-9 weeks (3-7 times per week)

Exclusive Benefits
  • Exclusive 'Live' training
  • The leading health and fitness experts
  • No Joining Fees
  • Access anywhere on any device
  • No travel to the gym
  • Flexible payment options
  • Inclusive 'On-Demand' Catchup Service
  • No quibble cancellation


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