Kettlebells for Beginners

Kettlebells for Beginners by Matt Roberts' trainer Clodagh is a thorough 8 part course created for you to learn all the big moves needed in kettlebell training.

Kettlebells burns fat quickly, builds a strong and lean body and increases cardiovascular fitness, but only when done well!

Learn perfect form in the technique section, and put it into practice with the short and intense workouts to make sure that you get the most out of kettlebell training.

If you want to results fast and enjoy hardcore workouts, this is your starting point!


Kettlebells Sessions

The Kettlebell for Beginners schedule:

  • Session 1 : Technique No1 - 'The Swing'
  • Session 2 : Workout No1
  • Session 3 : Technique No2 - 'Swings and Cleans'
  • Session 4 : Workout No2
  • Session 5 : Technique No3 - 'Push Presses and Windmills'
  • Session 6 : Workout No3
  • Session 7 : Technique No4 - 'Goblet Squat and Half Get-up'
  • Session 8 : Workout No4

Get started now and learn the quickest way to get the body you want!

Exclusive Benefits
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  • No Joining Fees
  • Access anywhere on any device
  • No travel to the gym
  • Flexible payment options
  • Inclusive 'On-Demand' Catchup Service
  • No quibble cancellation


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