Total Body Conditioning

This 3-part series by trainer Fanni Steib will help you move to a more advanced style of bodyweight training at home. You won’t need any extra equipment, and these workouts are great if you know the basics of training and need a fresh challenge.

Each session begins with a short overview explaining everything you need to know about training your legs, butt, arms and core in the most efficient way possible.

After the intro, Fanni will then guide you through her favourite bodyweight training exercises, focusing on high reps and as little rest as possible. It’s a combination that will leave you feeling and looking amazing.


Total Body Conditioning Videos

Week one: Series Part One

Assigned exercise: Full body circuit for beginners, approx. 20 mins

Week Two: Series Part Two

Assigned exercise: Full body circuit for intermediate level, approx. 20 mins

Week Three: Series Part Three

Assigned exercise: Full body circuit for advanced level, approx. 20 mins

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