Caroline Langmead

Meet Caroline Langmead

Having spent her childhood actively involved in sport and competing at both County and National level in Athletics, it was an obvious choice for Caroline to continue to take the direction of physical fitness after finishing education.

Caroline holds a Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training as well as having qualifications in spin, outdoor fitness, suspension training, pad work, and adolescent training! Caroline has worked with a range of clients of all ages, whether your goal is weight loss, strength improvement or just to come in and have a fun and effective workout Caroline will be there to guide you every step of the way.

With an ambition to stay fit and healthy, combined with her passion for cycling, Caroline's most recent achievements were completing a Sprint Triathalon and a 10k charity run in aid of Bowel Cancer.

When off the bike, Caroline's main focus is to help as many clients as she can to understand why it is so important to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Q&A with Caroline

What is your fitness philosophy?

Work hard and make sure you set yourself achievable goals. Smash them and set further goals to push yourself even further. Most importantly, make sure your workouts are fun and your nutrition plan is sustainable.

Tell us about your diet: Macros maniac, clean-and-green fiend, protein-pusher?

Due to the fact that I am currently prepping for my first UKBFF Bikini competition my diet and macros are set to the gram which requires a lot of discipline. However, I am a big believer that consistency is key!

What does then word ‘healthy’ mean to you?

Healthy means being able to function and perform well on a daily basis. Staying active and eating well will help this happen and most importantly keep you happy and stable.

How do you spend a rest day?

I’ve never been one to sit around so even on rest days I am generally quite active. Normally I will start the day going on a walk around London or on the farm if I am back home in Sussex. I chill out with friends and family and spend time reading for the Precision Nutrition course which I am currently studying.

The motivational mantra you live by:

‘Strength – a river cuts through a rock, not because of its power but its persistence’.



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