Richard Heath

Meet Richard Heath

Rich is an experienced and well rounded Personal Trainer. He takes great pride in being able to provide in depth, up to date advice to achieve a wide range of goals with his clients. He has achieved remarkable success in helping people improve their sporting performance notably in Triathlon, and endurance events. He is also adept at designing realistic and effective nutritional plans to supplement the lifestyle needs of his clients. His results are based on effective lifestyle change, incorporating a balance between relevant exercise and appropriate nutrition.

Whilst studying at Millfield School, Rich competed at Regional and National level in Football and Athletics. He is also competent in the disciplines of Boxing, Kickboxing, and Thai Boxing, and has used this practical knowledge to help a number of actors to prepare for their big-screen action roles.

Rich believes that education is just as important as participation, and applies this belief into his training methods. To achieve your goal, you must first be able to understand it.

Q&A with Richard

How long have you been in the business?

Ihave been with Matt Roberts for just over 2 years and in the fitness industry for 8 years.

What's your fitness philosophy?

Health, happiness and longevity!

Tell us about your diet: Macros maniac, clean-and-green fiend, protein-pusher?

All of the above! Know what macros you need to sustain a healthy weight, keep your food choices clean and raw - where possible, and make sure every meal contains enough protein. Easy!

What does the word "healthy" mean to you?

Thriving physical and mental within your surroundings.

How do you spend a rest day?

With my wife Sonja and son Vincent. Usually finding new places to eat!

The motivational mantra you live by:

Do the things that make you happy, and keep you healthy.



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